Dec. 5th, 2006


Dec. 5th, 2006 06:14 pm
kindigo: (like ninja)
I'm trying not to fall asleep
But I'm in class and bored to tears.
Stayed up all night so I could keep
on reading about que--...slash.
I'm pulling poems out my ass
And writing things I know are trash
But if it's that or sleep in class-
...*rereads*....I should just crash. -_-°°
I feel my eyes start slipping shut
And then my sluggish heartbeat slows
"That's what I get for reading smut fanfiction,"
I think...before I doze...

Oh how I'd like to write some clever prose
Or post a kickass sonnet I've composed
But I'm not sure my clumsy meter flows
And I forget how sonnet rhyme scheme goes
(But I bet that Ry or Bonamy knows-
Not that they read my eljay, 'cos they're HOS.)
So now I draw my poem to a close
Before my abject lack of talent shows
And too before my muses come to blows-
Bad tunes or poems often cause their rows.
But I digress and also still impose.
I'd like to send out "Sorry" to the O:
No deeper meanings in my sonnet
Nor snazzy title to go on it.

I'll also here apologize to those
of you whose brains are in their dying throes
because the awful poems I've exposed
them to--have every single synapse froze.
But now you're safe from all your zombie woes!
Yay! Because I know that all you emos
Were worried- 'Zombies! Not my brain! O Noes!'
So now you're safe from foes who decompose,
Just you remember that it's you who owes--
There is a small request that I propose.
Your own bad poetry: do you suppose
that it can suck much worse than Kindigo's?
You only have to write your own!
'Cos otherwise my poem pwns.

It is again that time of year
it must be something in the snows
that sparks my bad!muse. See this here:
How little talent grows.

So be inspired, little minions!
If your muse on you bestows
inspirations few or billions--
Please comment and disclose!

In other news, a small tidbit:
Today is Sneak Like Ninja Day!
For all your ninja needs, here's this.
That's all I have to say.


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