kindigo: (nohope)
kindigo ([personal profile] kindigo) wrote2007-03-16 06:29 pm
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Hell's bells and computer WOE.

No news on the soul-mate front.

I have dial up here, and so every time I leave the computer for a bit I disconnect from the internet but leave my windows open.

This inevitably leaves me feeling very guilty, because I come back and see the Google Talk window open and dutifully repeating Connection Failed. Trying again in [seconds/minutes.] And then I feel like I've kicked a very loyal, cute, and enthusiastically willing-to-please puppy.

Gmail's an attention whore puppy-slut of a program, but I love it anyway. (I do have a tendency to personify programs, don't I?)

In other news, I drew Elphaba for Bunny but then the oekaki froze so I lost it. Can I go off myself now? BUT you can still see Bunny's pretty Ethan character, so go check it out. /end pimping.

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