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2009-02-16 09:22 pm
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In Which I am A Bad Person

Okay, caveat: Normally on the internet I ignore typos and other grammar issues. It's the internet. Not srs bzns. However, I draw the line in the sand after being spammed 15 times in as many seconds. Also, I've been having a bad day. One of my fish died. D=

In which I pick on little kids. Mercilessly. )

So, yeah. I picked on a kid and with little to no provocation. I'm not proud of it.

....actually, yes, yes I am. I did it damn well AND managed to avoid Gaudere's Law.
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2009-02-05 04:39 pm
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(no subject)

S'pose I should show you folks what I'm up to.

X-posted to DeviantArt. )

Also I'm going to see Coraline 3D tomorrow and any of you may invite yourselves along. There may or may not be cake of a birthday sort.

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2009-01-26 02:30 pm
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In Which I Make Manga

Okay, so I'm working on some art projects again, which feels good after a long personal hiatus of no drawing ("No drawing" meaning, maybe a pic a month...). So I'm not dead. I'm in fact, practicing manga techniques.

You may know that manga is colored using dotted tones. That's because manga is usually printed cheaply, with paper and printers that don't produce grey, only black and white. So came the technique of dotted tones, which the eye reads as grey. Who knew?

Jak will demonstrate. )

Couple things I learned:
         Resize resize resize!
         Save a copy of the linework.
         Image mode to Grayscale, then to Bitmap. Copy and paste to linework original.
         Don't overshade. Less is more, lest it look like mud.
         Save a copy of the linework.
         (I lost my linework a couple times, which was really dumb of me and made me sad because for once I did really nice, clean linework. And now it's gone. *sigh*)

PS. Ame and I need to get together!
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2008-07-03 01:59 am

Funny how that works

My life is much more interesting when I tell it to strangers.

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2008-06-12 10:25 am

blag on

So certain people who shall remain nameless have been trying to get me to blog more often. I've been resisting for a number of reasons:

- I mostly post boring things about my day and the same people who would read it already know it. And would you really enjoy reading something you've already experienced once, just from another viewpoint? that's hardly high literature, or interesting, or worth your time, it is? Oh, wait, some of you would...

- I haven't been doing anything interesting lately. I don't think I've drawn anything new since my icon; I'm just working. And that's what I'd write about. Boring, right?

- They normally say this while laughing, so I'm not sure how serious they are. ?

Well, here I am, blagging.

So yesterday at work I'm trundling along doing my thing until this one stayover room at half-twelve. I knock on the door--it's certainly late enough--and this huge giant of a black man, at least six foot three, answers the door.

Sans pants.

I'm very very proud that I managed to plaster on a smile and say "Do you require any fresh towels?" with perfect waitstaff politeness. A flawless recovery! And it only took, oh, five seconds or so!

The best part is that he came out of his room later (fully dressed) and started chatting. "What's there to do in this town? I'm stuck here for a few days," he says, as nonchalantly as if a young girl half his size did not just see him half-naked. Yes, well, kudos to you for recovery points, too.

On that note, what is there to do? I don't know, I'm not a tourist. I suggested the casinos, shopping downtown, and also that if it weren't raining he could choose the popular recreation of the bay ("Is that like, the beach?" he asked) or golf. Dear God. And while I'm desperately trying to come up with tourist-y things to do my brain keeps piping, Why did you answer the door without pants on?!

And then in one of my checkouts I found one of those Indiana Jones Burger King Scratch-and-Win things for a free Whopper Jr. It was a great day.
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2008-03-20 08:01 pm

I hope their last name is "Twodollarspecial."

I lurked in the bathroom at the mall because of this woman who has apparently named her child Pork Chop. She said, "All right, Pork Chop, are you ready to go see the Easter Bunny?"
At first I thought Okay, that's an unusual term of endearment, but not out of the range of pumpkin or honey.
Then the woman said, getting increasingly more angry, "Pork Chop, close the door. Por--CLOSE THE DOOR, PORK CHOP!"
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2008-03-19 10:13 pm
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the epic novel that is your dream at 4.00 AM.

I want to write a side story about Felix's mother.

Post in iGen
draw MM's character
draw Thalo's character
draw Anthony; Richard; Fawn; Lucas.
update comic??!

A busy pen is mine.
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2007-11-11 02:11 am
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cat macro.

Cat macros.

Lj cut tiem nao )

The photography belongs to this strange person, who in turn belongs to the kitten in the photos, the Dread Pirate Pumpkin Cider.
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2007-04-30 11:35 pm

rabbit, rabbit in the fire

Okay, picture a barn. Are you picturing a barn? Good. Now picture a bonfire that size, on top of a hill in the dark. Rather, five or more of them, on five or more hills dotted around the mountainous countryside.
And once you've got that pictured, you still won't have the sheer face-searing heat scorching your eyebrows while the rest of you freezes at -1°C, as if you're standing on the edge of hell watching a (purely ceremonial, of course, in this day and age) witch go up in flames to celebrate the passage of winter, the coming of spring, the recession of darkness, and above all to drive away evil.

Happy Walpurgis Night.
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2007-04-28 12:40 pm

Because I was thinking about patriotism.

That Quiz meme. )

America, the Overview
(sung to the tune of America, the Beautiful.)

We've gun control, death penalty,
And too Roe vs. Wade
Religious sects, controversy,
Agendas flaming gay!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
With capitalism and patriotism, from sea to shining sea!

Oh breakdancing in gangster streets,
For rap, pop, and Country,
For rock'n'roll and hip-hop beats
For jazz and MTV!
America! America! May God get down, rock out;
We've got rhythm, so let's give 'em something to sing about!

For Mickey D's, for Taco Bell,
and youth obesity,
For freedom to sue them to hell
with law's impunity!
America! America! The world knows ev'ry flaw;
We get that stress from modern press: all of it's live and raw!

The telephone, and then, the car
Lightbulbs and TV
Computers and the Internet
Hell, electricity!
America! America's achievements are not few.
And next you're blamed, don't be ashamed, recall we've done good too!

For baseball games, for apple pies,
For gridlocked traffic lanes,
For weirdly mixed-up ancestries
We sing this great refrain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

Yes, there is an extra verse. And yes, I know 'pies' doesn't rhyme with 'ancestries', at least not in a Midwestern accent. It's one of them, what d'ycall'em, visual rhymes. 'Symmetry' and 'eye' don't rhyme either but Blake got away with it.. *sulks*
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2007-04-26 10:44 pm
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Updating? That's so passé.

Just so everyone's on the up-and-up I'm returning on August 1st.
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2007-03-27 07:05 pm

(no subject)

So Underworld came on RTL the other day. I was watching it and when suddenly some things looked oddly familiar, I had a realization.

I was there in Budapest and forgot to look for hot vampires? Where were the werewolves? I'M SUCH AN IDIOT.

In other not-so-geeky, no, that's all I wanted to say.

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2007-03-21 03:01 pm
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A Warm and Fuzzy Feeling.

You gotta love the world when an octogenarian couple drives by at the speed Car Wash in a Trabbi, complete with fluffy pink handcuffs dangling from the rearveiw mirror.

In other news, today I went to the bank by myself. (this is not the news. this is the news:) The cashier like, totally understood. me! Yay! /incoherency. I was worried that since I speak German like a retarded toddler who's just taken a few hits (on the head, of course) she wouldn't understand me. And also because I have a thinck American accent, I'm sure. And also because I tend to put verbs ) where-ever I feel like putting them. BUT the world is still okay. Rly.
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2007-03-16 06:29 pm
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Hell's bells and computer WOE.

No news on the soul-mate front.

I have dial up here, and so every time I leave the computer for a bit I disconnect from the internet but leave my windows open.

This inevitably leaves me feeling very guilty, because I come back and see the Google Talk window open and dutifully repeating Connection Failed. Trying again in [seconds/minutes.] And then I feel like I've kicked a very loyal, cute, and enthusiastically willing-to-please puppy.

Gmail's an attention whore puppy-slut of a program, but I love it anyway. (I do have a tendency to personify programs, don't I?)

In other news, I drew Elphaba for Bunny but then the oekaki froze so I lost it. Can I go off myself now? BUT you can still see Bunny's pretty Ethan character, so go check it out. /end pimping.
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2007-02-23 08:21 am
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They do not have the probability to survive to in order to form your time.

[ profile] blame_my_muses inadvertently started etwas... )

Congratulation !!
All bases of CATS were
It seems to be peaceful.
but it is incorrect.
CATS is still alive.
ZIG-01 must fight
against CATS again.
and down with them
completely ! Good luck.

And of course, I figured someone else had to have done this before me.

*cracking up* Hectar hectar hectar...
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2007-02-21 12:36 pm
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Damit! Deutsche Sprache, schwer Sprache.

Well, I am back I have a few pictures, but am having some pissy uploading-software problems, so they will have to wait until I have the patience/inclination.

In the meantime, if you so choose, you may enjoy this commentary on the German language, by Mark Twain. For those of you wondering how my German is getting along. (If you read nothing else, at least read the Tale of the Fishwife and its Sad Fate. Please.)
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2007-02-13 08:59 pm

Was der Fick?

I had a kind of wtf day.

First: w00t for my boxy box, which I finally managed to convince the post office to relinquish. Ranch flavored Pringles! We have Pringles here, but not ranch ones, because...we don't have ranch. T^T Le sad.

And that's what I'm happiest about in the box. No, not really, I have a freaking digital camera too! Yes!

Perfect timing for my trip to Hungary. I'm not dead for a week, guys, just in Budapest. So Diskarrteslaind is not allowed to launch a nuclear attack on Somnamblia while I am away, you hear me? Dryoma, Bayunok, and the Empire of Magnus the First will protect me! So there. =P

But getting my box was wtf-y because of the postal workers, again. I really don't even want to get into it, it was that wtf.

Second: While on the bus home from MY LAST DEUTSCH COURSE (excuse me while I laugh in triumph: hahahahah) there were some rowdy teenagers in the back. They were just generally being jerks, playing loud music, putting their hands and feet everywhere, and other Disorderly Ungerman Things. After about fifteen minutes of this extreme annoyance to every other passenger, the bus driver makes the usual stop at the market and orders the kids to come to the front of the bus, where she chews them out. She said a lot of things in a very calm tone of voice, and then she said, "If you're going to act like animals, you can walk home."

And she kicked them off the bus.


That was cool but also wtf.

Third: While walking home frmo the bus stop, I ran into a man. Now, so you know, it is dark except for streetlights and mildly raining. I ran into a man who stopped me to talk. No, I wasn't scared for my life or maidenhead or anything; that's not what was wtf.

Out of the blue this man asked me if I was going home, and he made this point specifically, to sleep. At first I was all wtf and thought I had misunderstood, so I told him my German wasn't so good. He said: >>Gehst du nach Hause....*mimes sleeping* zum Schlaft?<< I was just like.....Yes, yes I am. And then he asked me if I was here on vacation. I lied and said yes because it was easier.

Random tangent: Germany will do that to you. Either you will become a very honest person, or a very good liar, because they try to trap you. They say things like: Did you do [this] today? when they know it's not possible. z.B., did you go to French club after school (I know it was canceled let's see what he'll say huhuhu). Why do they do this? Are they just distrustful of people in general? Is it an adult-to-teenager thing? Is it only me? Because, ha, I haven't been caught out yet (mainly because I haven't been lying, but still).

So. Ähem....where was I? Oh yes. The wtf man. Then he's all like, That's cool, how long for? and then without waiting for an answer he pointed to the house behind him and said he lived there. Then he shook my hand firmly, said Tschüß, and walked off.

Did I mention he was standing in the rain? I'm thinking that maybe he thought he recognized me in the dim light and then realized his mistake but was too polite to brush me off. Seriously, though, am I alone in thinking that'a little wtf? Maybe I'm the crazy one. *sigh*

That's all, folks.
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2007-02-07 04:11 pm
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Going postal.

I talked to Mom last night about the certain level of 'let it go' you need while in another country in life. You can't always ask 'Why' because sometimes there isn't an answer. Because I didn't get a satisfactory one, this is me reason for post deposits... )

I have so much other stuff I should be doing, but here I am. On eljay. Eljay sucks my soooouuul.

In other news, this company from Great Britain called White Horse put on a play at our school today. In English, yay. It was called Relatively Speaking, and if you can find a script for it, please do so, it's hysterical.
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2007-02-05 12:45 pm
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Me being pointless.

Visitor Map
Create your own visitor map!

In other news, apparently in the USA there was some kind of sporting contest on television yesterday that's kind of popular...? (Bears or Colts? C'mon, tell me people!)
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2007-01-22 01:13 pm

I love me my Supertron and My Supertron loves him me he does

Spreading the disease
Comment & I'll:
1) Tell you why I friended you
2) Associate you with a song/movie
3) Tell a random fact about you
4) Tell a first memory about you
5) Associate you with an animal/fruit
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
7) In retort, you MUST spread this disease in your LJ.

In other news, I can't believe I have nothing better to write about.

EDIT: Okay, here's something better: I witnessed a baby swap on the bus.

What happened was this (watch as the pea goes under the cup): Third stop (Markt), lady (youngish, long red hair, wearing white and black camo pants) gets on bus with baby in baby carriage. All normal, okay. Seven stops later (Einkaufzenter), lady gets off bus. Alone. huh? At the baby carriage is another woman (short black hair, tan coat), who gets off two stops later (Siedlerweg) with baby and carriage in tow...

There could be a perfectly normal, sane explanation for this, but I can't think what it could be. Like, maybe one lady was a babysitter and or something, and baby-watch shift change. But seriously, why on a freaking bus? So I much prefer the explanation that both women are secret government workers, and the baby is a high-tech genius alien robot prodigy from the future with sekritt government world-takeover plans cleverly hidden in a highly refined brain disguised as a bobble hat. Plan Kukucksuhrwerkschneckeunterbirkenstocken.

It's all a plan to stop those disloyal young men who won't join the army, ingeniously involving diaper bombs and pedophiles pacifists things that babies suck on. And covert surveillience from unexpected places...