Oct. 30th, 2006 03:20 pm
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I am back from Crete, but don't have loads of time to post before deutsch class, so I'll just say this: who among you thought I was joking about being hit by a freak falling sheep?

So did I, until this: I was walking back from the beach one night, this is through a thin valley, and I heard the distictive sheep bell and baaaa. So I look around and around, no sheep. I look up (and up and up) at the sheer mountain cliff-face above me until the curiously jutting rock resolves into omg it's a sheep it's going to fall on me.

Yes, a flock of sheep gamboling around the mountainside , completely ignoring the gravity of the situation. And now I'm late, so αντίο!

Edit: On the subject of sheep, there is now a flock in the front yard. Why? whyyyy. I can hear them baaaing from here. (I need a sheep icon to encompass all things sheep. -_-°°)
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Rotary Orientation Meeting! )

Yeah, Little Berlin. If you have any questions about the German-German border...Well that's what comments are for!

The Inbounds: ) I remember Lili Bikini. And I suppose that's the point of Rotary Youth Exchange.

Also, to the Latina who did that 'exchange a look with my latina chicas and then sing 'American Idiot' at me: If you're trying to insult me for being an American, don't do it by singing a song in English by an American band while wearing American Eagle. Because you just look stupid and I laugh at you. kthxbai.

Mää tahtoo veivaa veivaa. Mää tahtoo, VEIVAA! (I like to move it move it in the original Finnish!)
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OMG, [livejournal.com profile] tosatisfyme, this one's for you.

I was in church this morning for Dankfest or some such, but seriously, it was all I could do not to crack up laughing because it was exactly like that Rowan Atkinson skit. The Hallelu----ja-luuuu-ja....luuuuuujaaaaa well you know what I'm talking about. Up, down, what's going on. Only in German.

My cheek is still sore from biting it so hard.

In other news, my skin is burning with bee poison. Maybe you don't know that the Schmeidgens are honey farmers. Well, they are. And Jürgen sees his Honig the way that guy from My Big Fat Greek Wedding saw Windex. So yes, I put honey in my coffee, spread it on my bread, eat a spoonful of this incredibly stong-tasting honey+something-else 'medicine' when I'm sick, and so yes, right now all my scars are burning from bee poison. Because there's this cream and I didn't run away fast enough.
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So, I was sitting in a field yesterday for four hours. It was relaxing.

I thought I'd mention that in gym, they played this game kind of ike prisonball (or Feldball, their second version) only everyone was split into couples, one guy and one girl. And the guys pretty much played the game, because they weren't out if they were hit.

No, the guys were only out if their female counterparts were hit. So the girls mainly hid behind their men.

I was all set to rant how this taught the kids that guys must protect girls and girls are mens' weakness, and they switched.

It actually looked fun. And teaches you teamwork and to guard your weakness.
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I've never seen mist so thick. And because of the landscape, not only does it look like if you stray too far from the road you'll fall off the edge of the world and be lost forever, but you really can. Fall off, I mean. Sudden cliffs were never a danger in Silent Hill! IT never taught me how to handle this! Zombies, yes (die messily); cliffs, no (also die messily)!!! Thanks for nothing, Silent Hill!!

Yesterday was (besides International Talk Like A Pirate Day) a Day Out With Class 10b. We all went to the Kino, and saw 'Das Parfum' (English title 'Perfume', I think).

It is an English-made movie (starring Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alan Rickman), based off a German book. And let me tell you it is very German.

It's about this guy who has like this supersensitive nose, because he is born without an aroma of his own. At one point he meets this girl who has an amazing scent, and accidentally kills her. He becomes obsessed with reproducing her smell, so he becomes a perfumist. And then starts killing girls to try to reproduce this beautiful smell. Then he gets caught.

Cut for Spoilers )

Avoid the Spoiler. )
I had an interesting moment when I mentioned Riley- Sandra asked me if he was my boyfriend, and without thinking I said, 'Ne, he's gay.' Unique silence settled around like the morning mist, there. XD
They all seem surprised that, yes I consider myself a Protestant Christian, yes, my best friend is Catholic, no I don't care, yes my other best friend is gay, no it doesn't bother me, and to top it all off he's a Wiccan and I don't care about that either, and did you know I have a gay communist Buddhist friend as well? What do you think of that, eh? Some of my friends are completely atheists! *shock* and *alarm*, you say...? Good ol' USA.

SO ladies and gents, did you enjoy International Talk Like A Pirate Day?? YOU DIDN'T CELEBRATE IT??? Bei Stoertebeckers Bart, über die Planke schicken!

You Leichtmatrosen, you don't even know to avoid the Klabautermann! (As you can see, I celebrated like a good German pirate. And everyone asked me why I 'spoke' in plattdeutsch (Hamburg accent. XD)

Also I thought I'd note that today I can report a successful Malfoy sighting! (yey.)

And in closing, good bye, Godspeed und immer eine steife Brise!

*wanders off singing* Ich hebb mol en Hamburger Feermaster sehn Tomyhoooooday, tomyhoooooday, de Masten so schiep as dem Schiffer sein Bein Tomyhoooooday hodayhoooooh...
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Sunday was a bright day, yesterday... )

In other news, this Monday morning I lurked at the fick door longer than was probably smart hoping for a third sighting of Draco Malfoy. (No show. *pouts*)

I need to figure out a camera, and quickly.

No deadline on the challenge, but I would like to know who's working on it. So far, Korin, Anya, and....???

EDIT 19:57: Kailun, Anya, Skuld, and...
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Okay so I was all set that I hate public transportation. It's smelly, hot, crowded, and little kids are worse plague carriers than rats.

Then today I fell into the hottest man in Germany. If Billie Joe Armstrong and Elijah Wood had a kid it would be this man.

I ♥ public transportation.

*goes off to look up stalking laws in Germany*
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Okay, so I've mentioned before to various people that my school is on a cliff, and there's quite a lot of very steep stairs on the way. This is not my point. My point is that on these stairs is a door, and on this door is spraypaintee graffiti, among which are the words 'bastard', 'allez'
...and 'fic'. Now, Kailun, you silly silly girl, because of all your fan-emphasis-on-FIC jokes now I can't pass this door without giggling madly which means I can't breathe for the last two sets of stairs and the hill. You CRAZY. STOP POISONING MY MIND. ALL MY NEW FRIENDS WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT HOW CRAZY I AM ALREADY. THEY KEEP GIVING ME WEIRD LOOKS NOW AND IT'S YOUR FAULT. Burn in whatever level of hell is lower than the one you're in now. Though I can't imaging it'd be much hotter than Taiwan in summer. buuuuurn.

(If I were in ER I would use my 'You're uglier than Voldemort (oh burn)' icon. I think you'd like it actually. It's teh pritty.)
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'The Amusing Conversation Re: English Words In German.'
Cut for Crude Language. (Promising start.) )

An annoying German custom is that, upon entering a room full of people, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM must recieve a handshake and greeting before you can sit down. What the hell. *hides*

There's a passage in Pterry describing noon in Ankh-Morprok- the particular quality of many, many churches, all with their own version of 12:00, ringing the hour. Something similar occurs here (only without Old Tom's great tolling silences, unfortunately.) It's lie that, until only one solemm bell is tolling out the hour, five minutes after the first started. And they're supposed to be accurate clockmakers around here. Maybe we're too far from Switzerland. You can't really imagine the cacophony involved in four or five little town church belss bouncing throught the mountains, and I can't see why you would want to. Thankfully it only seems to happen on Saturdays (search me. No clue).

In other news, I saw a girl with a HanaKimi bag at school. YES!! There are otaku in the building! Now I just have to track her down again (she's not in my class) and hope she understands Gesticulate.

I would have much to say on the subject of assigned seating and the Sun. In. My. Eyes. However Aaaargh pretty much sums it up.

Also: AP Lit-ers, you won't believe what's in my Deutsche book: "Der Tod des Handlungsreisenden." For those of you who don't spreche die Muttersprache, I was flipping through when suddenly I saw

WILLY springt zurück, schreit: Ha! Howard! Howard! Howard!
HOWARD: Was ist los?
WILLY: Stellen Sie das ab! Stellen Sie das ab!
HOWARD: Hören Sie, Willy...
WILLY: Ich brauch 'n Kaffee. Ich brauch 'n Kaffee.

Luckily it's only an excerpt, because as much as I liked the play and as much as the movie amused me, I don't want to go through it again! (There is also 'Romeo and Julia' in the book. lolz.)

I am amazed at the deutsche kids. We were supposed to be looking at this one website in class, and-- now, I know for some of you this may be hard to hear, if you're a sensitive person you may not want to read such a horrible thing, and I know it will be hard to believe but it's true, true I tell you-- they all actually were. No extraneous windows at all. No, really, it's true. And the worst, nay, the most frightening thing of all is that the oppressive aura of this proper-and-rule-abiding country has its own morphogenic field affecting me so that verily, neither did I.

Don't judge me. I am not grotesque! Please try to overcome your horror, okay? (Actually it was more because I was afraid the teacher was monitoring my screen with his mad Vulcan Mind-Meld™ Brainwashing technique Big-Brother-esque connection program Of Doom.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is useless.

*runs from the Borg*
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Okay, so I'm related to Kate Winslet and Kirsten Dunst.

Not really. I just figured out who Beata reminds me of. She looks vaguely like Kirsten Dunst. And yesterday at this family gathering-type thing, Nikole looks like Kate Winslet or however you spell her name.

So the family gathering thing was to 'celebrate' little Paul going to school. Here in the Erzgebirge area it's almost ceremonial, the presentation of the zuckertüte. It's like, 'Here, we're celebrating relegating you to the command of a group of old stickers running a place where you will be for eight hours every day without a twitch, for twelve more years---but here, have a giant inverted cone of candy almost bigger than you are.' Consolation prize. We need this tradition. I am afraid of groups of small children singing in German--the stuff of nightmares. The only language better for droning than German is Latin.

And I will never be the same again. I've been spoiled on deutsch cakes, lamb, and beef.

Today we went to a parade for the region (saw a castle on the way). It was fun, standing under the umbrella and watching all these cool costumes go by. I wish I had a camera or my sketchpad with me. (It's an amusing sight, seeing a girl decked out in traditional deutsch costume, multicolored emo hair and a nosering. Like seeing a girl in a kimono on a cellphone.)

School tomorrow. Ugh. Wish me luck!

PS. Thalo, email me that picture bitte. The one I colored on your PC? Danke!

PPS. Sara, thanks for sending me the tornado that saved me from the kracken. Is it the food here that's been giving me weird dreams, or have I always been this weird and just never noticed?
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Okay, yesterday was the Rotary meeting. )

This whole town is 500 years old. That's older than America. Am I strange for being a little awed?

And Sara, I don't know if you ever got around to playing Shadow of Memories, but if you did, that town square? I live there.

Man that was a good game. Ahh, homunculi. There's just something about Germany and Alchemy. They get along like a house on fire, eh?

And ahh, Germany, land of obscene chocolate. Also they have Koala's March, though it's called Koala Kakao and they pretend it's German. (I like this tradition they have here, schoolchilderen starting school get this inverted paper cone full of candy. Mmmm. (Not the obsence kind. The kiddie-kind, on the next shelf over)).

PS. Imagine a cross between Mrs. O and Molly Weasley. I met her today, and hope I never do again. Especially because she was so nice. *terrified*

PPS. Also, Boozy, haha, Juliana thought I was pulling her leg with your last name. But what's cool? It means Metal (Messing) Song (schlager). So boozy metalsinger, bleiben du gold.

ONE LAST THING: Anyone who somehow sends me Panic! At The Disco (email, whatever, I don't care how) will be forever in my gratitude. I mean like first born child here. I really really really need something English to listen to other than the BeeGees, the Backstreet Boys, and Elton John's Circle of Life over and over and over again. Circe of Life? More like Circle of INSANITY!! (Triangle of confusion, rhombus of terror, parabola of mystery!) Plz to be avada kedavra-ing me now.

EDIT (23:22): Man, I'm stupid, I forgot my main reason for posting. I have math, French, history, geography, German, art, music, English, Ethics/Religion, Sports, Latin, social studies, bio and physics. And I'm sure I'm forgetting something. *headdesk* Block scheduling, egh. Let's kill the British while we're at it (sorry, Beata.) I'll post the details later if anyone cares about the minutae.

Double Religion on Fridays, ugh. And art and music are only on Wednesdays *sad* And learning French and Latin THROUGH German= as fun as riding a hedgehog. (I am looking forward to French and Latin though. I mean, how cool! I love language.)

EDIT the Second (23:47): I forgot to mention that our doorbell is Yankee-Doodle. *cracks up*
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