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I talked to Mom last night about the certain level of 'let it go' you need while in another country in life. You can't always ask 'Why' because sometimes there isn't an answer. Because I didn't get a satisfactory one, this is my reason for postal package deposits:

Me: *goes to the post office to pick up package* Hello, I have this slip of paper telling me I have a package here?
Postal Worker: Ah yes. Passport?
Me: *shows passport copy*
Postal Worker: I see that the name on the slip matches the name on the passport.
Me: Yes...yes it does.
Postal Worker: *scrutinizes passport copy* *Scrutinizes me*
Me: Uhhh...
Postal Worker: And I see that you look like the person in this picture.
Me: Well....yes....
Postal Worker: *gets the box from the back* I see that the name on the box matches the name on the slip.
Me: I see that you have eyes in your head.
Postal Worker: And I imagine that must all mean that this box is yours.
Me: Yes, it has my name on it, and that name belongs to me. As does the package.
Postal Worker: Great, okay, here's your box.
Me: Great, thanks! *goes to take it*
Postal Worker: No, no, you need to pay 12.72€ before I can give you this box that is obviously yours.
Me: ...But why?
Postal Worker: Because. 12.72€ please.
Me: *not letting this go* But....why do I have to pay for it when I haven't for any other box?
Postal Worker: The post office didn't hold any of your other boxes. 12.72€ please.
Me: Then why did they hold this one?
Postal Worker: Because it was the precious we couldn't find your house. 12.72€ please.
Me: Buh. But why do I have to pay for you holding it when you were supposed to drop it at the house?
Postal Worker: Because we had to hold it.
Me: ?
Postal Worker: And I had to, like, make shelf space for it. And then I had to like, put it on the shelf. And then I had to look at it. All night long.
Me: Sorry, next time I'll be sure it's gift wrapped in pretty floral paper.
Postal Worker: Not what I meant. I meant I had to look at it all night long, and not open it.
Me: Right. I don't have 12€ on me.
Postal Worker: Go away. *hides box* My precioussss....
Me: *leaves*
Postal Worker: And I don't like floral!

I have so much other stuff I should be doing, but here I am. On eljay. Eljay sucks my soooouuul.

In other news, this company from Great Britain called White Horse put on a play at our school today. In English, yay. It was called Relatively Speaking, and if you can find a script for it, please do so, it's hysterical.
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