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You gotta love the world when an octogenarian couple drives by at the speed Car Wash in a Trabbi, complete with fluffy pink handcuffs dangling from the rearveiw mirror.

In other news, today I went to the bank by myself. (this is not the news. this is the news:) The cashier like, totally understood. me! Yay! /incoherency. I was worried that since I speak German like a retarded toddler who's just taken a few hits (on the head, of course) she wouldn't understand me. And also because I have a thinck American accent, I'm sure. And also because I tend to put verbs ) where-ever I feel like putting them. BUT the world is still okay. Rly.
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[ profile] blame_my_muses inadvertently started etwas... )

Congratulation !!
All bases of CATS were
It seems to be peaceful.
but it is incorrect.
CATS is still alive.
ZIG-01 must fight
against CATS again.
and down with them
completely ! Good luck.

And of course, I figured someone else had to have done this before me.

*cracking up* Hectar hectar hectar...
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Well, I am back I have a few pictures, but am having some pissy uploading-software problems, so they will have to wait until I have the patience/inclination.

In the meantime, if you so choose, you may enjoy this commentary on the German language, by Mark Twain. For those of you wondering how my German is getting along. (If you read nothing else, at least read the Tale of the Fishwife and its Sad Fate. Please.)


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