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You know, three of you promised me a tiiiny drabble from Enya's May It Be a while ago, and only Kailun delivered. T^T Come on you two, please? you could add it to your NaNo!

On a related note, I have drawn a character of mine standing in an alley in the rain, looking at his watch and dropping his umbrella. He blends into the rain and the puddle he made.
My point is, I am currently drawing [ profile] blame_my_muses's character Tristan as a part of this Rain series; similar mood and (hopefully cool) effect. In the queue is Bonamy's Claire, running in a wedding dress.
So if any of you other people reading this want one, leave a comment in which you describe your character's appearance, and also want you want them doing (which I may or may not follow XD). Eventually I will even upload them somewhere (!), once I find a scanner in this country. -_-;;

Okay, cos I so don't have enough on my plate right now. X/


That is all ♥ ♥
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I would like to say that vacations ("eff holidays, I take vacations!") from school during October are great. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, though XD.

Who's doing NaNoWriMo, and where are you doing it?

Also Hilde, I want to rp what happens next, live again plz. Are you ever online when not at work? *exasperated* Less sleep more Jade and December! *snaps imperiously*

In other news, Boozy I fixed my comments page, it's actually brilliant now. Instead of the writeybit and then scrooooll way down to the comments, the comment box replaces the eljaybit. *insanely proud*

But I can't figure how to get the eLJay comment link to link to the reply mode for the newest post over here (right now it just leads to my eLJay front page. Which I need a new one, seeing as I can't see my icons and it bothers me ;_; I luuuurve my icons.) Anyway, shutting up now. If you (or anyone) has any ideas on the link-to-eljay-in-comment-mode, let me know.

That is all. *wanders upstairs to watch Monsters, Inc. in Deutsch*
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I would just like to ask all of you who I had just managed to get posting on LJ, and then who jumped ship to Mare's Nest or your own affiliatedsite: Please, please, PLEASE crosspost to lj??? I don't always have time to go to each and every one of your sites; that's what made the flist so awesome.

I would just like to thank:

K M, aka Boozy Metalsinger. I have the best best friend in the world, and she's all mine. *clings to Boozy* If she were a boy.....

Also, thank you Bonamy for helping me hack myself admin privileges (before you buggered off to sleep on me -_-;;;); that now allows me to draw on mare's nest!
But as is quite typical, now I suddenly have no inspiration. So: What shall I draw? )

In other news, my hands smell like cat food. and mom reaaaaally wants to pay 10$ to buy me iconage spaaaaace *hypnotizes* you are getting very are getting veeery generous....
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I have a cold, and Juliana's mad at me because it's my fault it really is though. *sheepish*

Also I seem to be everyone's sick muse lately! Once I get Boozy writing again, my life will be complete.

One final note: on my site, the posts that are password protected are so because they contain yaoi (or other content my mother some might consider disturbing). The English fic term for this is the password. No, there's nothing citrus-y or NC-17.

(also mom don't hate me. I'm a good girl really.)
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For those writers out there (that includes you boozy), a challenge for you. Write something inspired by Enya's May It Be- be it gen, slash, X-Men, HP, original, songfic....whatever. Anything. Dooo itt. You writers have no idea how frustrating it is to be inspired an unable to express it.

The Lyrics... )

If it's short enough, go ahead and spam my comments =D
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Since we briefly covered US History in English I've had the 'We The People' Schoolhouse Rock Song partially stuck in my head. (Head, meet desk. Hard.)

More in the Stairs Escapade )

Also fall is here, rather suddenly like in Thumbelina. Also like in Monty Python & the Holy Grail, particularly the bit where the guy under the tree gets conked in the head.

As a side note, baking makes one dirty (yes, and even though I know what kind of people will be reading this post, I leave that statement as it stands. XDD)

Because the German custom is to eat everything on the plate, I have these three steps for surviving gross bits:

1) Try everything on the plate first, so you can save the best for last to cover up the gross stuff.

2) chew in the side of the mouth, and swallow quickly, allowing the food to touch the tongue as little as possible.

3) Brot. Weiß Brot und Wasser. Oooh yeah. Together they can disguise almost anything.

'Good Job! You're a Clean Plater!' Yeah, thx for nothing, Herr Flinstone.

In other news, if I thought talking politics in English was hard... )

One last funny but insignificant trivia: Juliana and her sister-in-law are/were extras in the movie Liebe in September. Wow, the whole family gathering was watching the movie quietly, and then suddenly an outburst like fußball fans at a score every time one of them came on the screen. The back of Juliana's head is famous.

Okay I lied, more trivia: the same way that a sneeze in Japan (or your ears burning in English) means someone's talking about you, hiccups mean your mother is thinking about you. Mom, seriously, cut it out.
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Okay, so I've mentioned before to various people that my school is on a cliff, and there's quite a lot of very steep stairs on the way. This is not my point. My point is that on these stairs is a door, and on this door is spraypaintee graffiti, among which are the words 'bastard', 'allez'
...and 'fic'. Now, Kailun, you silly silly girl, because of all your fan-emphasis-on-FIC jokes now I can't pass this door without giggling madly which means I can't breathe for the last two sets of stairs and the hill. You CRAZY. STOP POISONING MY MIND. ALL MY NEW FRIENDS WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO FIND OUT HOW CRAZY I AM ALREADY. THEY KEEP GIVING ME WEIRD LOOKS NOW AND IT'S YOUR FAULT. Burn in whatever level of hell is lower than the one you're in now. Though I can't imaging it'd be much hotter than Taiwan in summer. buuuuurn.

(If I were in ER I would use my 'You're uglier than Voldemort (oh burn)' icon. I think you'd like it actually. It's teh pritty.)

oh my life.

Sep. 8th, 2006 04:21 pm
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Sooo....stuff is happening. You know, stuff.

But is someone wants to make me these icons I thought of:

1) *pic of Izumi hacking up a lung* Alchemy Takes Guts. Or if it was animated, her kicking ass and THEN hacking up a lung and Alchemy: It Takes Guts.

2) *Pic of Ed standing next to Al* Ed: Sell my armor?! Are you crazy?! It cost me an arm and a leg!

*laughs at 'teh' lame*

Um...someone want to send me a lunchable?? hahaha..hah...hah?


Aug. 25th, 2006 07:44 am
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It's raining here....


...Here in Elk Rapids!

Yes, you read that right. I decided not to go to Germany after all.

Just kidding. As is typical of my life, my first flight was delayed so I would miss my connecting flight to Frankfurt. So here I am trying to fly out today. With the thunderstorms and the flight attendant strike 'walk-out' at ten tonight. Thankfully they cannot walk off a plane three thousand miles in the air (or they can, but are not quite that dedicated to their cause).

So I will try to post again tomorrow, hopefully from Deutschland this time. (Where it is also raining.)


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