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No news on the soul-mate front.

I have dial up here, and so every time I leave the computer for a bit I disconnect from the internet but leave my windows open.

This inevitably leaves me feeling very guilty, because I come back and see the Google Talk window open and dutifully repeating Connection Failed. Trying again in [seconds/minutes.] And then I feel like I've kicked a very loyal, cute, and enthusiastically willing-to-please puppy.

Gmail's an attention whore puppy-slut of a program, but I love it anyway. (I do have a tendency to personify programs, don't I?)

In other news, I drew Elphaba for Bunny but then the oekaki froze so I lost it. Can I go off myself now? BUT you can still see Bunny's pretty Ethan character, so go check it out. /end pimping.
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeee*

Hogswatchnight has come early. *dies*

So I was thinking about instant messaging. And how it's divine. No really.
no vowels. Just like Hebrew!

IM English. the n00b Hebrew. )

Edit: Added Sodom and Gomorrah, The Book of Job and Noah's Ark and a bad Revelations which will have this is expanding into The Leet Bible. -_-;; May add some more as they come to me. If you have ideas....feel free to share!


Dec. 5th, 2006 06:14 pm
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I'm trying not to fall asleep
But I'm in class and bored to tears.
Stayed up all night so I could keep
on reading about que--...slash.
I'm pulling poems out my ass
And writing things I know are trash
But if it's that or sleep in class-
...*rereads*....I should just crash. -_-°°
I feel my eyes start slipping shut
And then my sluggish heartbeat slows
"That's what I get for reading smut fanfiction,"
I think...before I doze...

Oh how I'd like to write some clever prose
Or post a kickass sonnet I've composed
But I'm not sure my clumsy meter flows
And I forget how sonnet rhyme scheme goes
(But I bet that Ry or Bonamy knows-
Not that they read my eljay, 'cos they're HOS.)
So now I draw my poem to a close
Before my abject lack of talent shows
And too before my muses come to blows-
Bad tunes or poems often cause their rows.
But I digress and also still impose.
I'd like to send out "Sorry" to the O:
No deeper meanings in my sonnet
Nor snazzy title to go on it.

I'll also here apologize to those
of you whose brains are in their dying throes
because the awful poems I've exposed
them to--have every single synapse froze.
But now you're safe from all your zombie woes!
Yay! Because I know that all you emos
Were worried- 'Zombies! Not my brain! O Noes!'
So now you're safe from foes who decompose,
Just you remember that it's you who owes--
There is a small request that I propose.
Your own bad poetry: do you suppose
that it can suck much worse than Kindigo's?
You only have to write your own!
'Cos otherwise my poem pwns.

It is again that time of year
it must be something in the snows
that sparks my bad!muse. See this here:
How little talent grows.

So be inspired, little minions!
If your muse on you bestows
inspirations few or billions--
Please comment and disclose!

In other news, a small tidbit:
Today is Sneak Like Ninja Day!
For all your ninja needs, here's this.
That's all I have to say.
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There is a special circle of hell reserved for the people who won't share a bus seat so that other people are forced to wait for the next bus because there's "no room." I like to think they get a little taste of it now, when I gave them my Vengeance Glare for entire rest of the bus ride and made them really uncomfortable. That's right, I'm looking at you.

Also stupid people are getting on my nerves Re: my Deutsch class. They're all adults, but I still had forgotten what a non-advanced level class felt like.
I'll give you some examples:
'Die ist ganz SHÖN, oder?''Ich finde die heir (fill in blank) SCHÖNER.'
'Heute ist es WARM. Aber morgen soll es (fill in blank) WÄRMER.'

(You don't even have to know the words to get what's going on, do you? No. But Najet reads the next example. Incorrectly.)

'Mein Auto ist SCHNELL. Aber das Auto ist (fill in blank)......(five minute pause while she thinks)... Neues.'

WTF Najet. Did your mom put your head in an airtight box when you were a child? I know you're enjoying your adulthood, but NOW is NOT THE TIME to be thinking out of the box, because the teacher will spend the next fifteen minutes of my time explaining the exercise. Again.
I'm sorry, is this legitimate confusion on her part? Or am I justified? I'd like to mention that Najet is the one who sniggers loudly whenever Tung (China) tries to read aloud, but Najet's pronunciation is no better at all! Argh. head--->desk.

As a side note, none of you prompted me yesterday. T^T So YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME FOR THIS .

Also, I ended up illustrating two of my posts...well one isn't posted yet. But my point is a question....a picture's worth a thousand words, right? *edges toward NaNo with shifty eyes*
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You know, three of you promised me a tiiiny drabble from Enya's May It Be a while ago, and only Kailun delivered. T^T Come on you two, please? you could add it to your NaNo!

On a related note, I have drawn a character of mine standing in an alley in the rain, looking at his watch and dropping his umbrella. He blends into the rain and the puddle he made.
My point is, I am currently drawing [ profile] blame_my_muses's character Tristan as a part of this Rain series; similar mood and (hopefully cool) effect. In the queue is Bonamy's Claire, running in a wedding dress.
So if any of you other people reading this want one, leave a comment in which you describe your character's appearance, and also want you want them doing (which I may or may not follow XD). Eventually I will even upload them somewhere (!), once I find a scanner in this country. -_-;;

Okay, cos I so don't have enough on my plate right now. X/


That is all ♥ ♥
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Firstly: I didn't post yesterday, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANGEROUS BEANS.

Secondly: All the sheep in Germany exploded. Seriously. White everywhere. (Hiiilde I want my scaaaaarf.)

Thirdly: One does not simply walk into Mortor...

And that is all.
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I'd like to head off being deluged with messages like last time with this notice: Yes, I saw the Pterry Quote of the Day =D.

"I'll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there's evidence of any thinking going on inside it."

Seriously, I highly recommend all of Terry Pratchett's books, and I would go so far as to say you are doing yourself a disservice by not reading them If you don't pick up any of the Discworld series, at least pick up Good Omens (co-written by Neil Gaiman).

Crowley and Aziraphale are *so* worth it. =DD

As a side note, you might not hear from me for a week or so, because tomorrow I'm going to Crete, and I don't really know if I'll have time/inclination/access to teh Intarwebz. Just so you don't think I dropped off the face of the earth, or was turned into a cockroach and eaten by a washing machine, or hit by a freak-falling sheep while cow-tipping under the full moon.

Kailun, to offset your hatred for me a tiiiny smidgen, a yummy rec for you. Just finished it today, onto the sequal. It's spectacular.

That is all.
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I would like to say that vacations ("eff holidays, I take vacations!") from school during October are great. I feel like I'm doing something wrong, though XD.

Who's doing NaNoWriMo, and where are you doing it?

Also Hilde, I want to rp what happens next, live again plz. Are you ever online when not at work? *exasperated* Less sleep more Jade and December! *snaps imperiously*

In other news, Boozy I fixed my comments page, it's actually brilliant now. Instead of the writeybit and then scrooooll way down to the comments, the comment box replaces the eljaybit. *insanely proud*

But I can't figure how to get the eLJay comment link to link to the reply mode for the newest post over here (right now it just leads to my eLJay front page. Which I need a new one, seeing as I can't see my icons and it bothers me ;_; I luuuurve my icons.) Anyway, shutting up now. If you (or anyone) has any ideas on the link-to-eljay-in-comment-mode, let me know.

That is all. *wanders upstairs to watch Monsters, Inc. in Deutsch*
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I would just like to ask all of you who I had just managed to get posting on LJ, and then who jumped ship to Mare's Nest or your own affiliatedsite: Please, please, PLEASE crosspost to lj??? I don't always have time to go to each and every one of your sites; that's what made the flist so awesome.

I would just like to thank:

K M, aka Boozy Metalsinger. I have the best best friend in the world, and she's all mine. *clings to Boozy* If she were a boy.....

Also, thank you Bonamy for helping me hack myself admin privileges (before you buggered off to sleep on me -_-;;;); that now allows me to draw on mare's nest!
But as is quite typical, now I suddenly have no inspiration. So: What shall I draw? )

In other news, my hands smell like cat food. and mom reaaaaally wants to pay 10$ to buy me iconage spaaaaace *hypnotizes* you are getting very are getting veeery generous....
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From [ profile] thalo_ryder's post, I was linked to this website: - Bioengineered Buddies!!

I left this comment:


Thank God this is a gag. Live creatures that are packaged in plastic and set on store shelves? And the restraints??!

"Genpets™ have limited mobility. Like dolls, puppies or human babies, they must be looked after and cared for. Upon waking from its dormant state the Genpet™ will immediately bond or imprint to your child."

wtf. Here, buy a baby that we made- but it has animal genes, to it's okay to treat it like a pet. wtf? And their personalities are color-coded!

It's sad to think that though this is fake, there are companies like Allerca which are already selling bioengineered pets.

Sure, it's great that now people like Ame can own a cat, but then where does it stop? This is a very slippery slope, A Very Slippery Slope.

Ugh. I'm linking to this in my eljay.

And it is sad to me that most people's reactions to this is disgust...and then a compulsion to buy it. What the hell is wrong with you people?

Yes, yes it is a horrifying idea. At least to me. And yes, according to Adam Brandjes, he gets a positive reaction from teens and resellers. Ugh. He says it better than I do.

But I know that I'm not your typical Millenial teen,- and my opinion hardly is the norm. So tell me what you think of this satire in art, and don't be afraid to say you'd buy one!


Let's celebrate walls coming down. Let's celebrate the breaking down of hatred. Let's celebrate the reunion of family, of country, of freedom. Let's celebrate wheat bread and the ability to say what you think without....disappearing. Let's celebrate the end of conflict and the beginning of a new journey to find the Philosopher's Stone. Let's celebrate October 3!


Oct. 1st, 2006 11:44 am
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Also: For those of you who know the Badger Song (and which of you doesn't know the Badger Song after so much Mao?) there is also this: omg.
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I have a cold, and Juliana's mad at me because it's my fault it really is though. *sheepish*

Also I seem to be everyone's sick muse lately! Once I get Boozy writing again, my life will be complete.

One final note: on my site, the posts that are password protected are so because they contain yaoi (or other content my mother some might consider disturbing). The English fic term for this is the password. No, there's nothing citrus-y or NC-17.

(also mom don't hate me. I'm a good girl really.)
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Okay, as probably my final post in this country, I'd like to say Firefly rocks my socks off.

You've probably heard (or not) that everything we know to be true it wrong: we now have, what is it, three more planets? 12 planets in the solar system? Ceres, between Mars and Jupiter, Pluto's moon Charon, and Xena and her little Gabrielle. It's official, folks.
And just for Boozy, in the newspaper the opinion cartoon was captioned 'The International Astronomical Union and the Little Prince come to blows over newly proposed planetary designations,' and the picture of the Little Prince and this scientist guy looks exactly right! It's hilarious.

And also that though Will is having an affair with Helen Keller, that can easily be fixed by the Challenger Explosion.

Five hours and counting?
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