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Sunday was a bright day, yesterday... )

In other news, this Monday morning I lurked at the fick door longer than was probably smart hoping for a third sighting of Draco Malfoy. (No show. *pouts*)

I need to figure out a camera, and quickly.

No deadline on the challenge, but I would like to know who's working on it. So far, Korin, Anya, and....???

EDIT 19:57: Kailun, Anya, Skuld, and...
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Since we briefly covered US History in English I've had the 'We The People' Schoolhouse Rock Song partially stuck in my head. (Head, meet desk. Hard.)

More in the Stairs Escapade )

Also fall is here, rather suddenly like in Thumbelina. Also like in Monty Python & the Holy Grail, particularly the bit where the guy under the tree gets conked in the head.

As a side note, baking makes one dirty (yes, and even though I know what kind of people will be reading this post, I leave that statement as it stands. XDD)

Because the German custom is to eat everything on the plate, I have these three steps for surviving gross bits:

1) Try everything on the plate first, so you can save the best for last to cover up the gross stuff.

2) chew in the side of the mouth, and swallow quickly, allowing the food to touch the tongue as little as possible.

3) Brot. Weiß Brot und Wasser. Oooh yeah. Together they can disguise almost anything.

'Good Job! You're a Clean Plater!' Yeah, thx for nothing, Herr Flinstone.

In other news, if I thought talking politics in English was hard... )

One last funny but insignificant trivia: Juliana and her sister-in-law are/were extras in the movie Liebe in September. Wow, the whole family gathering was watching the movie quietly, and then suddenly an outburst like fußball fans at a score every time one of them came on the screen. The back of Juliana's head is famous.

Okay I lied, more trivia: the same way that a sneeze in Japan (or your ears burning in English) means someone's talking about you, hiccups mean your mother is thinking about you. Mom, seriously, cut it out.
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Okay so I was all set that I hate public transportation. It's smelly, hot, crowded, and little kids are worse plague carriers than rats.

Then today I fell into the hottest man in Germany. If Billie Joe Armstrong and Elijah Wood had a kid it would be this man.

I ♥ public transportation.

*goes off to look up stalking laws in Germany*


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