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Just clocking in for everyone who may be watching the news, if it's on your US stations- I'm staying inside for the 'hurricane', and I'm not once of the (so far) two dead. Yay me?
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So when I went upstairs for breakfast this morning, I happened to look out the front window, expecting the usual sight: street, currently sheepless field, the railroad tracks I run down to the bus stop when I'm late, a house, another street, Cow Mountain. Except something was different this morning. something was missing. Can you guess what it was?

Me: Hmmmhmm, oh hey, cheesey bread, mmy cheesy, wow it's oddly bright for this early in the morning, ohmigod the mountain is gone.
Mist: Mwahahaha, we have stolen Silent Hill Cow Mountain. All your fears cows are belong to us.
Cows: *disembodied moo*
Me: O_O *creeped out by the thought of freak falling ZOMBIE COWS LOOMING OUT OF THE MIST!* >>Where is the mountain?<<
Beata: >>It's covered by the mist, duh.<<
Me: >>What's<< mist >>in German?<<
Beata: Nebel.
Me. Nephelheim, wha...?
Beata: >>Go out in the mist and feed Christmas and Dinner.<<
Me: >>But...I will get lost in the mist...<<
Beata: >>Too bad. Go anyway.<<
Me: Mist.

Note to English speakers: 'Mist' in German means >>crap<<.

Me: *to the rabbits* Hi Christmas, hi Dinner, enjoy YOUR LAST MEAL.
Christmas: *panicks wildly*
Dinner: *munches potato*
Me: That's right. You too can celebrate your last supper. *turns to go back to the house*
Mist: *thickens ominously*
Chainsaw: *starts up in the background* (*no, seriously, it did*)
Me: I, er...I know I'm somewhere near the fish pond...
Rabbit cage: *suddenly and quietly disappears in the mist*
Me: *freaking out* There was a hole here
zombie!cows: Braiiiins Müüüüüüüüü.
Me: *backs away nervously*
Fish pond: *looming suddenly* IT'S NOT AS GONE AS YOU THINK!
Me: *falls in the fish pond*

Yes, so, one hot bath later, (dude. water + 1° = hypothermia!) I am preparing to leave for my Christmas present. ? We are driving to it, apparently. This is yay, because I have no chance to survive, as I will have several heartattacks in the car as "zombies" jump out at me.

The first obstacle will of course, be getting anywhere near the car without checking under it first, preferably with a tyre iron, because the Schmiedgens already think I'm weird (probably from Nanowrimo, and I'm sure falling in their pond in an inexplicable panic didn't help much either).

All right, I'm off. *stocks up the zombie gear* Where's the portable radio?
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I've never seen mist so thick. And because of the landscape, not only does it look like if you stray too far from the road you'll fall off the edge of the world and be lost forever, but you really can. Fall off, I mean. Sudden cliffs were never a danger in Silent Hill! IT never taught me how to handle this! Zombies, yes (die messily); cliffs, no (also die messily)!!! Thanks for nothing, Silent Hill!!

Yesterday was (besides International Talk Like A Pirate Day) a Day Out With Class 10b. We all went to the Kino, and saw 'Das Parfum' (English title 'Perfume', I think).

It is an English-made movie (starring Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alan Rickman), based off a German book. And let me tell you it is very German.

It's about this guy who has like this supersensitive nose, because he is born without an aroma of his own. At one point he meets this girl who has an amazing scent, and accidentally kills her. He becomes obsessed with reproducing her smell, so he becomes a perfumist. And then starts killing girls to try to reproduce this beautiful smell. Then he gets caught.

Cut for Spoilers )

Avoid the Spoiler. )
I had an interesting moment when I mentioned Riley- Sandra asked me if he was my boyfriend, and without thinking I said, 'Ne, he's gay.' Unique silence settled around like the morning mist, there. XD
They all seem surprised that, yes I consider myself a Protestant Christian, yes, my best friend is Catholic, no I don't care, yes my other best friend is gay, no it doesn't bother me, and to top it all off he's a Wiccan and I don't care about that either, and did you know I have a gay communist Buddhist friend as well? What do you think of that, eh? Some of my friends are completely atheists! *shock* and *alarm*, you say...? Good ol' USA.

SO ladies and gents, did you enjoy International Talk Like A Pirate Day?? YOU DIDN'T CELEBRATE IT??? Bei Stoertebeckers Bart, über die Planke schicken!

You Leichtmatrosen, you don't even know to avoid the Klabautermann! (As you can see, I celebrated like a good German pirate. And everyone asked me why I 'spoke' in plattdeutsch (Hamburg accent. XD)

Also I thought I'd note that today I can report a successful Malfoy sighting! (yey.)

And in closing, good bye, Godspeed und immer eine steife Brise!

*wanders off singing* Ich hebb mol en Hamburger Feermaster sehn Tomyhoooooday, tomyhoooooday, de Masten so schiep as dem Schiffer sein Bein Tomyhoooooday hodayhoooooh...


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