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I had a kind of wtf day.

First: w00t for my boxy box, which I finally managed to convince the post office to relinquish. Ranch flavored Pringles! We have Pringles here, but not ranch ones, because...we don't have ranch. T^T Le sad.

And that's what I'm happiest about in the box. No, not really, I have a freaking digital camera too! Yes!

Perfect timing for my trip to Hungary. I'm not dead for a week, guys, just in Budapest. So Diskarrteslaind is not allowed to launch a nuclear attack on Somnamblia while I am away, you hear me? Dryoma, Bayunok, and the Empire of Magnus the First will protect me! So there. =P

But getting my box was wtf-y because of the postal workers, again. I really don't even want to get into it, it was that wtf.

Second: While on the bus home from MY LAST DEUTSCH COURSE (excuse me while I laugh in triumph: hahahahah) there were some rowdy teenagers in the back. They were just generally being jerks, playing loud music, putting their hands and feet everywhere, and other Disorderly Ungerman Things. After about fifteen minutes of this extreme annoyance to every other passenger, the bus driver makes the usual stop at the market and orders the kids to come to the front of the bus, where she chews them out. She said a lot of things in a very calm tone of voice, and then she said, "If you're going to act like animals, you can walk home."

And she kicked them off the bus.


That was cool but also wtf.

Third: While walking home frmo the bus stop, I ran into a man. Now, so you know, it is dark except for streetlights and mildly raining. I ran into a man who stopped me to talk. No, I wasn't scared for my life or maidenhead or anything; that's not what was wtf.

Out of the blue this man asked me if I was going home, and he made this point specifically, to sleep. At first I was all wtf and thought I had misunderstood, so I told him my German wasn't so good. He said: >>Gehst du nach Hause....*mimes sleeping* zum Schlaft?<< I was just like.....Yes, yes I am. And then he asked me if I was here on vacation. I lied and said yes because it was easier.

Random tangent: Germany will do that to you. Either you will become a very honest person, or a very good liar, because they try to trap you. They say things like: Did you do [this] today? when they know it's not possible. z.B., did you go to French club after school (I know it was canceled let's see what he'll say huhuhu). Why do they do this? Are they just distrustful of people in general? Is it an adult-to-teenager thing? Is it only me? Because, ha, I haven't been caught out yet (mainly because I haven't been lying, but still).

So. Ähem....where was I? Oh yes. The wtf man. Then he's all like, That's cool, how long for? and then without waiting for an answer he pointed to the house behind him and said he lived there. Then he shook my hand firmly, said Tschüß, and walked off.

Did I mention he was standing in the rain? I'm thinking that maybe he thought he recognized me in the dim light and then realized his mistake but was too polite to brush me off. Seriously, though, am I alone in thinking that'a little wtf? Maybe I'm the crazy one. *sigh*

That's all, folks.

Date: 2007-02-13 11:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
They say things like: Did you do [this] today? when they know it's not possible. z.B., did you go to French club after school (I know it was canceled let's see what he'll say huhuhu). Why do they do this?

My first guess is always cluelessness. They want to make small talk (not something that Germans in general are good at, I know I am hopeless) and do not really remember the details of your schedule.

Might also be an adult-too-teenager-thing, though, and still be cluelessness, but better to be careful. If I knew they knew I'd probably ask, "Wieso?" (Why do you ask?), or just say "Nein", and see what they make of it. If politeness seems to be required, I'd say "Nein, [class was cancelled, whatever]" and prepare for the next stupid question. ("Why was is cancelled? How long is the teacher going to be sick? What about her other classes if she's sick that long?" -- Waaaaah!)

Being honest because it's much easier than the alternative is, I guess, typically German. Not volunteering information to authority might be typically me :-/

Date: 2007-02-21 08:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm hopeless at small-talk, too. At least I fit in.

But yeah, I have noticed the pointless, bizarrely nosey questions (I've been asked all those questions! How would I know how long my teacher's going to be sick??)

It's very interesting to see which preconcived notions of a country are true and which aren't. I'm compiling a list of seemingly-Germanisms, and when I get back hope to do the same to Americans, hah.

PS. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Date: 2007-02-21 09:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm compiling a list of seemingly-Germanisms, and when I get back hope to do the same to Americans, hah.

Nothing like spending time abroad to discover that obviuos things aren't ;-)

PS. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!


Date: 2007-02-15 04:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Omgomgomgomgomg Yay!!! Now you can take many many pictures!!! Please do!!! I wanna see Germany. And all the other sweet places you go as a lucky whore. And if you're feeling really generous, maybe you could even have a few pictures of yourself...? Cause I miss you. *nods*
And you're going to call me from vacation, right? If you don't I'll cry.

P.S. Don't even get me started on weird.

<3<3<3 SG

Date: 2007-02-21 08:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Can you believe I forgot my phone? I can't either. So we can cry together (I wrote on my hand: don't forget phone! but when I got back it was indeed fully charged).

But, as for pictures....Well, yeah, considering the view from the Hiltion hotel room was a castle, the Danube river, and then the Hungarian Parliament building? Pictures.


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