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Well, I am back I have a few pictures, but am having some pissy uploading-software problems, so they will have to wait until I have the patience/inclination.

In the meantime, if you so choose, you may enjoy this commentary on the German language, by Mark Twain. For those of you wondering how my German is getting along. (If you read nothing else, at least read the Tale of the Fishwife and its Sad Fate. Please.)

Date: 2007-02-23 04:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*evil laughter*

And I thought I had it bad with my Chinese! How's your comprehension of other people speaking it, though? Like, I can't speak Chinese, apparently (my Chinese teacher hasn't said anything, but I've heard my host sisters say they can't understand me), but I know what other people are saying, most of the time.

Good luck with your crazy language!

...gods, I hate tones...

Ihre ganze Unterseite sind gehören nach uns!

Date: 2007-02-23 07:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Actually, my host mother keeps telling me I speak very good German (actually she says perfect, but that's a big load of bovine fecal material). I don't believe her for one second, but she keeps using it as an excuse for why she expects me to answer the home phone (hahaha).

I understand, I think, enough to get generally what's going on in a conversation/movie/book, but missing the jokes/details. Also, idioms tend to completely derail and confuse me, and German is as peppered with them as English.

And to give you an idea of what my spoken German is like, I tend to speak like this: "All your- wait a moment, her? his?- the she-bases....or base. He-bases? Are belonging to we. Or to we belonging? Correct me plz?" And please to be imagining a bad American accent, because I still can't pronounce the vowels for the life of me.

and, omigawd, what did I do, now I have to make a new post.

Date: 2007-02-24 09:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am so glad that I got the whole "learning German" business over before I was old enough to notice. ;-)


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